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Homac's Cakes

This page is dedicated to take part in the sharing aspect of the free software movement. It provides information and access to software projects I'm working on as well as some research results I produced.

As a computer scientist, you spend a lot of your spare time programming on several software projects for your own. The motivation to start such projects is twofold. Either you want a very specific functionality which is not available elsewhere or you are just curious about a technology or idea and try it out for yourself. Even the latter projects can grow to a significant complexity. Finished or not, you keep these projects for eventually upcoming future purposes. That way you build a growing library of software which provides you with snippets and tools to build other applications.

Most computer scientists benefit a lot from free software (FS) and open source software (OSS). GNU/Linux, GCC, Eclipse, libraries of the Apache Foundation to name a few of my personal favourites. Besides its ethical purpose to provide freedom to the users, FS improves productivity in software development by sharing some kind of a software infrastructure or backbone, which allows to build more specific software. Obviously, this kind of backbone has at least some similarities with the private software library we all have.

Of course the sharing aspect of FS and OSS requires two parties: the community and you. For the most time in the past, my contribution consisted of filing bug reports and patches. This is totally fine, but I thought parts of my personal software library can possibly be useful to others, too. This was the main motivation to push this web site to a more finished state and publish the more useful or interesting parts of my personal library besides other projects I'm working on. That said, if you find something you could need, everything is open source.

Holger Machens, 02-Jan-2021