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Java .Blend File Viewer

Debug Blender Model Files and Understand its Structure


GPL v3


Holger Machens

This application displays the content of a .blend file in terms of data structures and associated source code documentation. It helps to analyse the data of a Blender 3D model, in order to understand its structure. It uses a Java .Blend DNA API to access the data (included in download).



Display of File Header
Header attributes which are displayed: File location, byte order, address width and version.
Listing of Struct Types
The DNA of a file is read, all struct types are listed and associated documentation can be reviewed.
Listing of Blocks
All blocks of a file are listed, each block in a file can be displayed with all header attributes and available documentation.
Display of Library Content
View its actual data in terms of data structures and their values.
Type Casting of Pointers
Data, referenced by void pointers can be statically casted to proper types (see folder typecasts).


Documentation Editing
Allow editing of the displayed source code documentation.
Manual Type Casting
A lot of data is referenced by void pointers. Users may want to cast these to proper struct types manually.



This work is published under GPL v3.0.

Holger Machens, 11-Dec-2022