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Java DoxML Parser

A parser library for the Doxygen XML output

Version 0.0.4

(open source and free)



Holger Machens


Doxygen is a source code documentation system supporting all kinds of languages such as C, C++, Java. Doxygen parses the source code for classes, structs, methods, functions etc. and extracts annotated comments to create documentation in different formats such as HTML or PDF by different backends. One of those backends dumps the documentation in XML format (DoxML). The Java DoxML Parser library reads this XML output and thereby allows further processing in Java.


source code

Change log

  • [0.0.4]
    • fix: Coudn't handle multiple paragraphs in some cases.
  • [0.0.3]
    • fix: Missing first element in iteration.
  • [0.0.2]
    • fix: cannot access method LineBreakHandler.endLineBreak
  • [0.0.1]
    • Initial publication.

Holger Machens, 11-Dec-2022