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Java Native I/O Eclipse Plugin

Eclipse plugin for Java Native I/O

(free and open source)

Version 1.0.0 (beta)


Update Site URL:

Plugin Only:

here (for experienced Eclipse users)


  • Java 1.8
  • Eclipse Neon (version 4.6.3)


This is a short guide to install Java Native I/O Eclipse Plugin in Eclipse Neon (4.6.3) for people who do this the first time.

Check Eclipse Version

The plugin was build on Eclipse 4.6.3 and not yet tested on other versions.

Via Help->Installation Details and selecting the tab Configuration you get a report on the current configuration of your Eclipse installation. The line eclipse.buildId shows the detailed version of your Eclipse platform. This should be larger or equal to 4.6.3.

Add Update Site

Click on Help->Install New Software ... to open the Update Manager.

Click on Add ... (top right) and type in the Update Site URL given at the top of this page here.

You can add a name for the site as well (such as Java Native I/O) or leave it blank.

Once, the update site has been added, the update manager will show you the plugins available (which is just one).

Execute Download and Installation

Set the tick at Java Native I/O Tools and click Next. Agree to the license agreement and click Next again and finally Finish, which starts the actual download and installation process.

Before it finishes, the installation process will tell you, that I havn't added signatures to the plugins yet. Press Ok to continue or Cancel if you don't trust my server or the security of your Internet connection.

Holger Machens, 30-Apr-2017