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Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher

Launcher for the Life in the Woods Renaissance Mod-Pack for Minecraft.

(free and open source)

Version 1.3.12


source code


user manual


Support Suspended - Please Use Java 1.8

Launcher and Modpack do not support Java 1.9. Unfortunately I cannot afford to spend time on this until late October. In the mean time use Java 1.8.


This is the developer's page of the Launcher for Life in the Woods Renaissance. For the official release versions of the mod-pack and the launcher binary please visit the Life in the Woods Renaissance web-site.

For the helper mod, which was especially developed to improve usability of the Life in the Woods Renaissance mod-pack see here.

The Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher is based on Open MCL.

Prerequisites for Developers

Change Log

  • 05.11.2017: Launcher v1.3.12 [r1421]
    • Fix: adapted to changes in Minecraft launcher.jar
    • Mod: adapted to changes in OpenMCL
    • Mod: adapted to changes in json package
  • 29.07.2016: Launcher v1.3.11 [r1093]
    • Fix: Installation fails because of missing dynamic lights zip file
  • 17.07.2016: Launcher v1.3.10 [r1091]
    • Fix: Saving user added shader during upgrade
    • Fix: Launcher forces download of optional addons
    • Fix: Launcher does not stop initialising when using user added shaders (not sildurs)
  • 25.06.2016: Launcher v1.3.8 [r1077]
    • Add: Support to switch between user accounts
    • Add: New feature: LitWr version selection and option to keep a specific version
    • Add: Options to select features like OptiFine, ShadersMod and Dynamic Lights
    • Add: Support for new forge installer
    • Mod: Demand Java 1.8 (required by newer mods)
    • Mod: Improved integrity checks for repository entries
    • Mod: Tolerate web servers which give valid responses on non-existing documents (instead of an error code)
    • Mod: Better responsiveness in case of non existing file on server side
    • Mod: Improved transaction state handling for special cases
    • Fix: Transaction in wrong state if file not exists
    • Fix: File access check not trustworthy on windows
    • Fix: Exception when selecting non-existing directory in external download dialog
    • Fix: Adapting to new JSONCodec interface
    • Fix: Issue with external downloads if manually changing download folder
  • 17.03.2016: Launcher v1.2.10 [r957]
    • Fix: All fixes from 1.2.9
    • Fix: overflow in random update server selection
    • Fix: Wrong installation procedure for DynamicLights mod
  • 01.03.2016: Launcher v1.2.9 [r941] (available through manual download only)
    • Fix: Number format issue (caused by another application)
    • Fix: incorrect utf8 escape sequences interpretation (caused issues with JVM arguments in launcher profiles)
    • Mod: No more pre-selection of OpenGL related settings (those are too system specific to find proper ones)
    • Add: Use manually downloaded launcher if version number is greater
  • 28.02.2016: Launcher v1.2.8 and Mod-Pack v1.0.8
    • Launcher v1.2.8 [r927]
      • Mod: Improved check for JDK Win32ShellFolder bug
      • Mod: Java check now non-restrictive
      • Add: Reminder to tell user that upgrade will resets mods and configs
      • Mod: No more multi-core chunk loading as default
      • Fix: Launcher crashing if no Minecraft profile available
      • Fix: Config pane content not resizing
    • Mod-Pack v1.0.8 [r926]
      • Fix: Some secret buildings broken.
      • Fix: Shader patching not working on Windows with long file names in path.
  • 22.02.2016: v1.2.6 [r908]: Improved connectivity and support for German umlaute
    • Fix: Issue with special characters such as German umlaute
    • Fix: non-restrictive java check
    • Fix: config pane resizing
    • Add: load balancing
    • Mod: increased connect timeout
    • Fix: corrupted package descriptors due to interrupted download

Holger Machens, 02-Jan-2021