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Life in the Woods Renaissance

Mod-Pack Update 1.0.8


This update focuses on improvements/fixes in respect to shaders and minor bug-fixes to secret buildings. The update process requires a removal of existing mods and configurations. Those who made changes to folders mods and config will have to create backups or make notes before they upgrade. Existing save games and other game settings will be unaffected from the update.

Fixed Bug in Shader Patching Feature

First of all, the shader patching feature was introduced to enable the shader to handle generated rivers properly. Rivers contain new water block types which are unknown to the shader usually. Thus, with Sildurs permission, we added a function in our helper mod, which modifies the shader to support those new block types.

Unfortunately, this function ran in two different obstacles on Windows systems and then scrambled the shader instead of patching it. This is now fixed and additionally the function was improved to be able to successfully revert the shader to its original state in case anything goes wrong.

Updates of OptiFine and ShaderModCore

Overall shader performance suffered from outdated versions of OptiFine and ShaderModCore. Thus, this update also brings the new versions of both. When upgrading you will be prompted to download the new versions through your browser (same way as before).

Turn off Multi-Core Chunk Loading!

We noticed that Multi-Core Chunk Loading (see Minecraft Video Settings) causes flickering. Flickering vanishes when you switch between different chunk loading modes and you can even return to multi-core but it always comes back when you restart Minecraft.

We thought the update of OptiFine and ShaderModCore will also fix the flickering issue, but unfortunately it doesn't. Based on various bug reports, we have received, we now believe that there is is an incompatibility between OptiFine and the Forge version required by LitWR, which can even cause more sever issues like crashes due to inconsistencies in Mincraft's rendering sub-system, corruption during world generation and even in save games. Thus, we would like to ask everybody to turn off Multi-Core Chunk Loading in Video Settings, but we didn't want to force it because it is still a hypothesis.

Fixes and Changes to Secrets

These changes are related to buildings injected in the ruins spawning system. Those changes have no effect on already generated (existing) ruins in saved games. Obviously, we can't give more details on that without spoiling secrets.

Another Update Planned

Phedran plans another update which brings at least three recently updated mods with new content, some bug fixes, and improvements to some game mechanics. (Those changes are not related to crickets! BTW.: Reading some documentation about gardening might help with crickets ;)

This next update will take some time, because we may have to update forge as well and then we will have to test everything together and decide if we can provide save game upgrades easily or have to find other solutions. So, do not expected it to soon.