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Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher

Frequently Asked Questions

last updated: 26-Jan-2017

Game Crashes After NVidia's Driver Update
Several players report immediate client crashes when launching LitWR on Win10 having an NVidia graphics card. This issue is apparently caused by a recent NVidia graphics driver update.

There are two methods to fix it:
  1. Method: The quickfix solution: Rollback to last driver version (see here or here.
  2. Method: An actual solution but not yet confirmed to solve it: Do a clean install of the graphics driver (uninstall/reinstall also explained here).
Game Crashes Instantly After Start (Game ended with bad state (exit code 1))
Use the installation script for your system which comes with the downloaded zip file. It will check if you have the correct Java version for your system and tell you which one you need. It is in particular important to have Java 64bit for 64bit systems and Java 32bit for 32bit systems. Refer to the manual for detailed installation instructions.
Flickering Chunks (with and without shaders) on NVIDEA Graphics Cards
Issue is caused by multi-core chunk loading which is not supported by some NVIDEA cards. We also believe that multi-core chunk loading causes crashes and inconsistent save games.
Working solutions found so far:
  1. Update graphics card driver.
  2. Adjustment of NVidea settings (not Minecraft):
    • turn Threaded Optimization or OpenGL Optimization off and
    • turn Vertical Sync to on.
    See also OptiFine FAQs.
  3. If (1) and (2) are not satisfying, go in Options -> Video Settings and set Chunk Loading to either Default or Smooth. This is a reliable solution because it solves the root cause but that reduces FPS, too.
I cannot find the folders saves, screenshots etc.
The LitWR launcher creates a separate installation of Minecraft and all required mods in <your-home-folder>/.litwrl. This folder contains subfolders:
  • games
    • LitWR.Basic
    • LitWR.Hunger
  • etc. ..
Depending on which LitWR variant you are playing ( Basic or Hungry) you will find all those folders in these two directories.
Game Crashes with "NullPointerException" or "Ticking Memory .."
Originally, it is a memory issue (meaning the JVM doesn't get enough memory or can't free memory fast enough). The issue is most probably caused by the world generator - at least it occurs always during chunk loading. The launcher maximises the memory size given to Minecraft according to the memory size of your system to minimise the possibility of this issue to occur, but it still happens occasionally. There is no way we could fix it but you can significantly reduce the probability of this issue by using the following workarounds.
Workarounds (multiple choices):
  • Close other applications which consume lots of memory (this improves memory availability especially during start).
  • When you experience significant lag, then wait until the world around you has been generated properly (especially in creative mode when flying over the world).
  • Reduce Video Settings -> Render Distance to 12 or lower.
  • Reduce Video Settings -> Fog Start.
I have to relogin each time I switch from a different Minecraft installation
The launcher can share the Minecraft directory with your usual Minecraft installation. In this case you will not have to relogin when you switch between Life in the Woods Renaissance and your usual Minecraft installation (see also Section Configuration in the user manual).
How can I switch between different Mojang accounts?
See config tab in the launcher.
How Can I Restart the Installation?
Remove the launchers local cache (repository).
It is located in your home directory:
Launcher is missing a feature I need
Follow this guide to switch to the vanilla Minecraft launcher.
XY does not work, can I install manually?
Go ahead: this is a not yet finished guide