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Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher

Filing Bugs or Feature Requests

last updated: 26-Jan-2017

Please send bug reports and feature request to me. Members of the phederation can alternatively post their issues in the forum.

Technical Details in Bug Reports

To find solutions we will need technical details about the issue. If you are not sure which technical details are required to analyse the issue then copy and zip the files in the list below. This list contains abbreviations for the following folders:

  • <litwrl-dir>: This is the working directory of the launcher. It can be found in your home directory:
    • Windows: %HOME%\.litwrl. %HOME% is usually C:\Users\<your-login>
    • MacOS: $HOME/.litwrl. $HOME is usually /Users/<your-login>
    • Linux: $HOME/.litwrl. $HOME is usually /home/<your-login>
  • <gamedir>: This is the folder, where the Launcher installs the LitWR variant (Basic or Hungry) you are using. This is either <litwrl-dir>/games/LitWR.Basic or <litwrl-dir>/games/LitWR.Hungry
  • <minecraft>: This refers to the Minecraft working directory. By default, the launcher creates a separate Minecraft installation in <litwrl-dir>/minecraft. In case you have changed the working directory property on the config tab inside the launcher, it will be installed at that location instead.

Files to be Attached to a Bug Report