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Java .Blend
A generic Blender file import/export for Java.
Java .Blend Viewer
Blender 3D model viewer to demonstrate the use of Java .Blend.
A simple Java JSON API which supports encoding/decoding of POJOs.
Java DoxML Parser
A parser library for the Doxygen XML output written in Java.
Memory Latency Benchmark
A benchmark to analyse memory and cache latency.
Memory Management Analysis
Toolkit to analyse/profile memory management.
Evaluation Framework
Framework to execute measurement runs under controlled accuracy of results.

Work in Progress

A collection of math tools to deal with lines, bezier curves and arrangements of them.
GLSL Language Parser in Java
A GLSL Parser Creating an AST of the Content for Further Processing.
Java Native I/O
A tool set and Eclipse plugin to access native, structured data objects in Java ByteBuffers.
Study on Computer Aided Floor Planning.
Delta Service
Study on an Approach for Automated Patch Creation and Distribution.
Space Vehicle Ascent Profile


Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher
Official launcher for the Life in the Woods Renaissance mod-pack for Minecraft.
Open MCL
A framework for the development of custom Minecraft launchers for mod-packs.
DayZ Ambient Music Player
A player, playing background music of the original dayz mod.
UUID Library
UUID library for Java.
C ARM Instrumentation
C library for automatic ARM instrumentation of C/(C++) code.

Holger Machens, 02-Jan-2021