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Graphics and Gaming

Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher
Official launcher for the Life in the Woods Renaissance mod-pack for Minecraft.
Java .Blend
A Generic Blender File Import/Export for Java.
DayZ Ambient Music Player
A player, playing background music of the original dayz mod.
Open MCL
A framework for the development of custom Minecraft launchers for mod-packs.

Tools and Algorithms

Java Native I/O
A tool set to access to native, structured data objects in Java ByteBuffers.
A simple Java JSON API which supports encoding and decoding of POJOs too.
Java DoxML Parser
A parser library for the Doxygen XML output written in Java.
UUID Library
UUID library for Java.

Debugging, Monitoring, Evaluating

C ARM Instrumentation
C library for automatic ARM instrumentation of C/(C++) code.
Memory Latency Benchmark
A benchmark to analyse memory and cache latency.
Memory Management Analysis
Toolkit to analyse/profile memory management.
Evaluation Framework
Control accuracy of your measurement runs.

Holger Machens, 30-Apr-2017