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Life in the Woods Renaissance Launcher

Bugs and Feature Requests

last updated: 26-Jan-2017


[BUG:022] Game Crashes with: "Error: Already Tesselating!"
This is most probably the result of a race condition.
Currently getting investigated.
Status: OPEN
[BUG:009] See-through on Different Objects with Shaders Enabled
This is a confirmed bug for ATI graphics cards with Sildurs shaders in version 1.13.
Current solution: See FAQ
Status: OPEN
[BUG:020] Any text is garbled/ overlaying on the help page / news page.

Analysis so far: Neither character encoding, font cache nor CSS related.
Status: OPEN
[FRQ:012] Shader Installation Procedure Confusing
Installation procedure causes confusion due to the following reasons:
  • Steps of the installation are not explained.
  • Popup dialog which notifies about the next step fails to raise to the top of the window hierarchy.

Analysis: Second item can't be fixed (Java/Windows issue)
Status: OPEN
[FRQ:015] Can't change the games folder on config tab
This feature is just not yet supported.
Status: OPEN
[FRQ:016] Have to relogin when switching to Minecraft
When switching between Minecraft installations and Life in the Woods Renaissance, the user needs to relogin, because the authentication token is no longer valid.
Possible fix: Copy authentication token from Minecraft directory.
Workaround: Share Minecraft directory with Minecraft launcher (see FAQ) or create another user account in OS.
Status: OPEN
[FRQ:021] Allow to Switch between Mojang Accounts

Status: OPEN


[BUG:019] Shader Patch not Working and Shader Package 0kb
Two issues: Patching fails and rollback fails (which should fix the first).
Needs analysis.
FIXED: (1) Java canonical file names converts long file names to 8.3 format, which lead errors during compression.
FIXED: (2) Undeleted left overs in temp folder lead to shader files merged with previously processed shaders.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:017] Corrupted Package Descriptor After Interrupted Download
Occurs if the download of the package descriptor was interrupted by a timeout.
FIXED: Fix prevents corrupted package to be stored and deletes detected corrupted package descriptors. Missing package descriptors will be fetched with the next try.
Workaround: Delete local repository cache (see FAQ).
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:018] Issue with German Umlaute
Error: Launcher can't find users home directory.
Known Windows Java 1.7 BUG:
Another issue with different character encoding used by forge setup
FIXED: Users have to update to 1.8 and said issue with forge setup is solved.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:014] Apple JVM (1.6) causes Launcher to crash
The launcher requires Oracle Java 1.7 or higher. An install script which selects the correct JVM for Mac OS X is currently missing.

FIX: Installation script prevents usage of Java 1.6
Status: CLOSED
[FRQ:006] Launcher needs a proper manual
People can't find folders saves, screenshots etc.
Current solution: See FAQ
FIX: manual now available
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:001] Launcher Does not Start After Java Update
The desktop shortcut contains the full qualified path to the Java executable which changes with each Java update.
Current solution: Run the installation script again.
FIX: v1.2.3: launch script determines best java installation dynamically.
Status: CLOSED
[FRQ:002] Batchfile Instead of JScript Installation Script
Windows installation script not executable, because it is not recognised as script.
FIX: v1.2.3: A batch file was added to call the script.
Status: CLOSED
[FRQ:004] application icons next to shortcut confuse users
This happens, because people see the icon and think it is the desktop shortcut.
FIX: v1.2.3: Icon is placed in a sub-folder to prevent confusion.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:005] "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine"
Confirmed issue with 32bit Java installation on Windows.
Current solution: See FAQ
FIX: v1.2.3: launch script determines best java installation dynamically.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:007] Launcher windows too big for my screen

FIX: v1.2.3: windows and dialogs adjust to desktop size.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:003] Flickering with Shaders Enabled
Issue is caused by multi-threaded chunk loading and was reported for NVidea graphics cards only.
Solution: See FAQ.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:010] Log contains "[error] Stream closed"
This "error" message basically means, that Minecraft or Forge or any mods are still writing to the log (file) while it has already been closed due to a shutdown.
This is not caused by the launcher and does not mean any harm to your system or files.
Solution: Ignore it.
Status: CLOSED
[BUG:011] Checksum Error when Installing Extreme Shader
Checksum was correct on server side and successfully validated on client side by the developer. Issue vanished after reinstall and the actual reason has never been found.

Status: CLOSED
[BUG:013] Game Crashes with "NullPointerException" or "Ticking Memory .."
Originally, it is a memory issue (meaning the JVM doesn't get enough memory or can't free memory fast enough). The issue is most probably caused by the world generator - at least it occurs always during chunk loading. The launcher maximises the memory size given to Minecraft according to the memory size of your system to minimise the possibility of this issue to occur, but it still happens occasionally. There is no way we could fix it but you can significantly reduce the probability of this issue by using the following workarounds suggested.
Workarounds: See FAQ

Status: CLOSED